rnb vibes piano midi version9.95
RnB Vibes Piano "MIDI Version"
Beautifully played and constructed piano loops in MIDI format. Smooth and soulful chord progressions. Perfect for producers looking for a more musical RnB piano collection.
urban piano midi version9.95
Club Grooves Urban Piano 'Midi Version'
Superior quality MIDI piano loops from Smash Up The Studio. This inspirational collection has been designed specifically for producers of Modern R&B, Hip Hop and Pop, and contains the very latest styles heard on top R&B hits today.
electrik disco9.95
Electrik Disco 'Midi Version'
80's inspired electronic MIDI keyboard loops, from Electro Funk thru to Euro Disco. This pack features the MIDI loops from our highly successful Sample pack "Electrik Disco" There are Midi loops for lead lines, funky synth licks, basses, dark melodies, and more soulful key loops.
electro funk midi version9.95
Electro Funk 'Midi Version'
Classic 80's Electro Funk MIDI keyboard loops. Seriously funky synth hooks as well as loops for bass, piano's, rhodes and more! Highly authentic riffs and chord progressions all in classic early to mid 80's style. Also contains 4 MIDI construction kits as featured in the preview track.
80's electro9.95
80's Electro 'Midi Version'
A superb collection of electronic MIDI keyboard loops straight from the 1980's.
Professionally performed in the style of some of the most inspirational artists of the era, these timeless loops are an essential resource for all producers and cross over perfectly to many contemporary styles from Electro House to Pop.

cool keys rnb 19.95
Cool Keys RnB 'Midi Version'
This is the definitive collection of RnB MIDI keyboard loops.
Ultra cool and contemporary, these riffs are the real deal! Piano loops, synth loops, string loops, midi guitars, rhodes loops, all the ingredients needed to give your mix real quality and authenticity.

cool keys rnb 29.95
Cool Keys RnB 2 'Midi Version'
Super cool RnB MIDI keyboard loops, fantastic quality and highly authentic.
Contains synth loops, piano loops, pad loops, rhodes loops, string loops, bass loops and more, all the classic ingredients needed to take your mixes
to another level.

cool keys rnb3 mv9.95 Cool Keys RnB 3 'Midi Version'
Covering classic RnB and Soul, thru to modern RnB and Pop styles. Loops for synths, piano's, rhodes, strings, basses, pads and more!
club grooves urban strings9.95
Club Grooves Urban Strings 'Midi Version'
Perfect for Hip Hop, R&B, House and Pop, this streetwise collection contains MIDI string loops, and pad loops perfect for synthesizer. Amazing chord progressions, real music by real musicians!
modern rnb9.95
Modern RnB 'Midi Version'
A superb collection of the coolest MIDI RnB keyboard riffs available.
Focusing on Modern RnB, this collection is packed with tough synth loops, piano loops, string loops, midi guitars, bass loops, rhodes loops and more! Performed to the highest standard.

altered minds trance9.95
Altered Minds Trance 'Midi Version'
Mind bending trance loops from Smash Up The Studio!
Melodic leads, bass loops, synth loops, stabs, pad loops, everything you need to create serious trance. Also comes with 3 construction kits including
all the MIDI keys from the demo.

bad ass hip hop9.95
Bad Ass Hip Hop 'Midi Version'
From West Coast to East Coast to Dirty South.
Smash Up The Studio have nailed it with this pack!! Check out the meanest, coolest Hip Hop loops in town. X rated MIDI loops from the best selling sample pack.

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Midi Versions of our best selling packs
Midi Packs
90's midi key loops19.95
90's MIDI Key Loops
The 90’s is back! And with it comes “90’s MIDI Key Loops“ This collection of MIDI loops is bang on the money and perfectly reflects the styles and musical flavours of the era. Performed by keyboardist Steve Burton who himself played on many club hits throughout the 90’s and beyond.
midi lab electrik funk12.95
MIDI Lab : Electrik Funk
Super cool 80's funk and soul oozes from this high end pack of MIDI Construction Kits. Slick keyboard hooks, awesome synth bass lines and classic chord progressions bursting with authenticity. Played by a top session keyboard player to achieve the maximum level of performance.
jazz funk cuts12.95
MIDI Lab : Funky Jazz Cuts
Jazzy, funky and bluesy are all terms which describe perfectly this top end pack of MIDI Construction Kits by Smash Up The Studio. Seriously high level keyboard performances all played live, excellent musical arrangements, gorgeous chord progressions and soloing.
old skool disco12.95
MIDI Lab: Old Skool Disco
Take a trip back to the 70's and 80's with these classic retro disco MIDI construction kits. Features loops for piano, rhodes, synth, clavinet and parts for both synth and electric bass. Also includes professional arrangements for multi-sampled string and horn sections.
jazzy soul12.95
MIDI Lab : Jazzy Soul
Jazz and Soulful flavours abound in this high end pack of MIDI Construction Kits. Fantastic keyboard performances! Also contains stunning MIDI string and horn arrangements as well as expertly played bass variations. Specifically designed for producers who still prefer music made by musicians.
midi keys sexy strings19.95
Midi Keys: Sexy Strings
Awe inspiring classic disco string loops in MIDI format. Expertly arranged and programmed, this collection provides the icing on the cake for serious producers of disco/house! Also contains stunning original MIDI string compositions professionally arranged for multi sampled string plug-ins
piano loops for film & tv19.95
Midi Keys: Piano Loops For Film & TV
A stunning MIDI piano collection from Smash Up The Studio, designed specifically for producers making music for TV, Ads, Jingles and Film. Performed to the highest standard this collection contains not just piano loops, but also complete short piano pieces perfect for TV ads and highly contemporary in style.
midi keys funky horns19.95
Midi Keys: Funky Horns
Funk up your tunes with this ultra cool selection of Midi horn phrases.
Superb arrangements, expertly programmed, these loops are perfect for producers of Disco, Funk, Soul, RnB, Hip Hop and Pop.

funky horns 219.95
midi keys disco fever19.95
Midi Keys: Disco Fever
Super cool Disco keyboard loops in MIDI format.
If you want those proper chords and riffs like they used to do it back in the late 70's and early 80's then look no further. This brand new collection from Smash Up The Studio features authentic keyboard work in classic Disco styles.
midi keys soul machine19.95
Midi Keys: Soul Machine
Classic 80's Soul and RnB keyboard progressions in MIDI format.
Inject some real musical quality into your mixes with this superb selection of MIDI loops from Smash Up The Studio. Designed specifically for those producers who need professional results without having the luxury of top musicians.
midi keys ibiza summer chill14.95
Midi Keys: Ibiza Summer Chill
If you are not a keyboard player but want to recreate the great music you hear in the clubs, "Ibiza Summer Chill" is for you. This pack was designed
specifically for fans of the more musical chilled house scene so huge in Ibiza today.

Midi keys beach bar house grooves14.95
Midi Keys: Beach Bar House Grooves
From funky deep house grooves to sun kissed chillout vibes, this selection of MIDI keyboard loops is perfect for producers who enjoy chilling at the bar in Ibiza listening to great music. If you cant play keys but still want those cool chords and riffs, this pack is for you.
midi keys deep jazzy house grooves14.95

Midi Keys: Deep Jazzy House Grooves
Top of the range MIDI keyboard loops for those who like to keep their house music deep and jazzy. Superb chords, groovin' bass lines, lead melody lines and solos. Performed by Steve Burton exclusively for Smash Up The Studio.

midi keys house piano19.95
Midi Keys: House Piano
Smash Up The Studio brings you "MIDI Keys: House Piano"
A superb collection of MIDI loops covering all styles of piano house. Stunning dance floor grooves with wicked chord progressions. This is the definitive house piano library.

pop piano19.95
Midi Keys: Pop Piano
Top of the range MIDI piano loops, superbly performed. Take the charts by storm with this fantastic new library from Smash Up The Studio. These loops are perfect for producers into the very latest pop styles.
midi keys gold piano19.95
Midi Keys Gold: Piano "RnB / Soul"
Beautiful piano loops, played to perfection.... A superb selection of Midi piano loops in the style of RnB and Soul. These fantastic chords will give your tracks a higher level of quality and sophistication.
midi keys keyboard riffs 60s and 70s19.95
Midi Keys: Keyboard Riffs Of The 60's & 70's
A superb collection of classic MIDI keyboard loops from Smash Up The Studio. Composed and performed in the styles of some of the huge artists of the era. Timeless chord progressions of the highest quality, this is a fantastic resource for both songwriters and producers.
midi keys keyboard riffs of the 60s & 70s 219.95
Midi Keys: Keyboard Riffs Of The 60's & 70's - Vol 2
A stunning collection of MIDI loops from Smash Up The Studio.
3 awesome MIDI construction kits + stacks of loops performed with breathtaking authenticity in the styles of some of the huge artists of the era. A fantastic resource for songwriters and producers alike.

key riffs 60's & 70's vol 319.95 Midi Keys: Keyboard Riffs Of The 60's & 70's - Vol 3
Smash Up The Studio are pleased to present the third volume in their popular series "Keyboard Riffs Of The 60's & 70's" Like It's predecessors this pack places an emphasis on authenticity and contains some stunning performances! From Soul and Funk through to Rock and Pop.
midi keys funky synth bass14.95
Midi Keys: Funky Synth Bass
Seriously funked up MIDI bass loops from Smash Up The Studio. Superbly performed by a top pro keyboard player and designed specifically for synthesizer bass. This pack is an essential tool for producers of Hip Hop, Funk, R&B and Soul.

midi keys bass14.95
Midi Keys: Bass "disco / house"
Wicked Disco/House grooves to set your track on fire!
Contains pumping House riffs perfect for synth bass, and super slick electric bass guitar style progressions. Brilliantly played and highly contemporary.

midi keys bass 214.95
Midi Keys: Bass 2 "Strictly House"
Awesome bass grooves for serious House lovers. Smash Up The Studio rock the dance floor with this pulsating pack of killer bass lines designed specifically for producers of modern house music.
midi keys bass 3 trance14.95
Midi Keys: Bass 3 "Trance"
Pump up the volume with this scintillating selection of Killer bass hooks!
Perfect for producers, this pack covers various genres of Trance including Tech, Euro, Progressive and Uplifting Trance.

midi keys e piano bundle39.95
Midi Keys: Electric Piano Loop Bundle
Here is a chance to own our complete range of MIDI Electric Piano Loops.
It contains 213 amazing 4 - 8 bar MIDI loops performed by top session keyboardist Steve Burton. Great chords, played to perfection.

midi keys club grooves 114.95
Midi Keys: Club Grooves Volume 1
Inspirational Electric Piano chord progressions. At last, an opportunity to purchase just the Midi Files from this classic sample pack! Volume 1 contains wicked RnB and Soul grooves and Pop vibes.
midi keys club grooves 214.95
Midi Keys: Club Grooves Volume 2
Amazing Electric Piano chord progressions!
Now you can purchase just the Midi Files from Smash Up The Studio's superb sample pack Club Grooves: Electric Piano volume 2.
This pack covers Disco, House and Garage and is an absolute "must have".

midi keys chilled out grooves uptempo14.95
Midi Keys: Chilled Out Grooves "Uptempo"
Super slick, chilled out Electric Piano progressions!
Here is an opportunity to purchase the midi files from this great sample pack Chilled Out Grooves Uptempo. Fantastic chords, superbly played. This edition contains laid back House and Disco grooves and cool Drum n Bass vibes.

midi keys chilled out grooves downtempo14.95
Midi Keys: Chilled Out Grooves "Downtempo"
Ultra laid back and chilled Electric Piano loops! Here are the Midi loops from Smash Up The Studio's 'Chilled Out Grooves' sample pack. This Downtempo library contains wonderful ambient flavors, dreamy soundtrack vibes and superb RnB progressions.
midi keys trance14.95
Midi Keys: "Trance"
A hot new selection of MIDI Trance loops from Smash Up The Studio.
Expertly programmed, this pack features lead lines, stabby riffs, arpeggio's, pads, basses, and piano riffs. Also comes with 3 MIDI construction kits
featuring all the parts from the demonstration track including the MIDI beats.

midi keys gold9.95
Midi Keys Gold: Synths "RnB / Hip Hop
A brand new selection of RnB and Hip Hop Synth loops from Smash Up The Studio! More than 50 fantastic Midi loops including classic bendy Moog style riffs, wicked trance flavors and cool chord progressions perfect for strings, pads, piano's etc.
midi keys organ14.95
Midi Keys: Organ
Stunning Organ progressions!
From Soul, Motown, Blues, Jazz and Rock, thru to House. Midi loops of this standard simply didn't exist.... Until now.